Game Name: Quake II
id Software
Game Publish Date:
Game Liberated Date:
Game Type:
First-person shooter
Game Release Type:
Source only
Game Resources
Data: q2-314-demo-x86.exe
Quake 2 Demo for use with existing ports.
Existing Ports
Port Name Windows MacOS X GNU/Linux Other
Quake 2 at N N Y Y
Quake II .NET Y N N N
Fruitz-of-Dojo Quake II N Y N N
Jake 2 Y Y Y N
Quake2Forge N N Y N
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Full Game This is the basic Quake II package, providing you with a full registered version of Quake II for use with any of the source ports. cover
Full Game Quake II: Netpack 1 Extremities packages up not only the full Quake II game but also the best of the online modifications. cover
Full Game The Quad Damage version of Quake II bundles together the full game, the Netpack 1 Extremities package, and two full mission packs. cover
Full Game Quake II: Colossus contains not only the original Quake II but also the two mission packs, The Reckoning and Ground Zero. (Note, does not contain Netpack 1 Extremities.) cover
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