Game Name: Warzone 2100
Pumpkin Studios
Game Publish Date:
Game Liberated Date:
Game Type:
3D Real Stime Strategy
Game Release Type:
Source Code, FMVs and soundtrack released under GPL
Game Resources
Source: warzone2100.rar
Source: Warzone 2100 Link Turret
A webpage that webs together all webpages on the web under the context of a game named Warzone 2100. In other words a big page linking to resources about Warzone 2100.
Existing Ports
Port Name Windows MacOS X GNU/Linux Other
Warzone 2100 Resurrection Y Y Y N
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Full Game This is the full version of Warzone 2100, either used or new, which is required for using any port of the source code which will use the original movies or music. This will probably also be required for developers who want to work with the source to produce a source port to include those features. Buy WarZone 2100 Full Game